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I'm yours <3

   There is nothing like calling your loved one in the morning when he or she is half asleep.  Seriously.  
When I go to work everyday, I make it a thing to get into my car and phone Alex to see what he's up to since we don't see each other as often (since we both have jobs).  One day he was hardly awake, mumbling stuff like "That's what I didn't order.."  it was adorable <3  
     Today it's rainy-rainy'' perfect weather in my eyes.  Tonight Alex and me are hanging out.. but I don't know if we're going to the movies considering him and me went last night (with our friends).  Maybe we'll make it a dinner date :D

    Everything has been going well in the line of friends.  I'm not regretting anything... like letting go of some people who let go of me a long time ago.  I'm just happy and content with my life right now :3   The only thing i'm missing is Japanese class :(

I keep looking at my icon..  I miss watching Saiyuki so much.  Kougaiji was such a badarse.  
"I'll pay you back... WITH INTEREST!!!" hahah.  He's so smexy too xD 

Waahh, I think the only thing bothering me at the moment is my lack of drawing and my lack of motivation in that area.  Maybe I'll go draw now :3 Yay.  

I&apos;m yours <3


Just checking something out..

Vueeeee, howdy all^_^  New at this, so let me see...  a picture!!!

HaydeeCollapse )

@_@ Happy Chinese new year! ^_^

^_^ Huzzah to new livejournal account, and not to mention the chinese new year =3 tonight, on the discovery channel, they shall be showing stuff about Ghengis Khan ((or however you spell his name)) Huzzah to history^_^

Meep, been watching Gankutsuou:the count of Monte cristo too much *_* I'm so hooked!! >.> Well, new to this, so hehe, I'm going to go look for some icons ^_^ *waves*

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